ALFINA - 1000W Mountain Bike with a 48V 17Ah Battery, Hydraulic Brakes, 4.0 Fat Tires, and more

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Top of the Line for Mountain Bikes.

The Alfina FX mountain bike is a mean mountain machine.  Equipped with a monstrous 1000w motor, aviation grade aluminium alloy, front and rear 4-link suspension, 48v 17ah battery, hydraulic brakes, 4.0 fat tires, 95nm of torque, 50% larger LCD intelligent display, and in-frame battery.  The specifications are among the best of the best.

*Free helmet, air pump, and mud guards with purchase


Engineered with Lightweight Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy.

The aviation grade frame was engineered with a narrow design, reducing the overall weight and bulk, yet strong enough to support a load of up to 230kg!  Not only does it make the bike easier to manage, but looks great.  If weight load was a concern, it's not anymore.

Ability to Handle Any Terrain.

Whether it's snow, mud, rocky terrain, beach, or mountain trails, you have the option to ride all year long.  The 4.0 fat tires give a much smoother ride and can grip the surface unlike other bikes.  A top class bike that is easy to manage and can be used any time, anywhere.  If you have the need to explore, this may be the bike for you.


50% Larger Intelligent Control System.

The 4.5" LCD unit built by Michelin is 50% larger in size and waterproof in design.  Centrally located, real time information such as speed, distance, power, power assist, and battery life are easily visible.  With a backlit screen, information is easily visible during the day and at night.


Top of the Line in Battery Power.

A battery's worth is determined by its volts and amps.  With the 48v 17ah battery, there is more than enough power to accommodate the 1000w motor.  This specification would be used on most high end eBikes, but is a fraction of the price.  



1000w Super Motor Has 35 Degree Climbing Capablilty.

Yes.  It's that powerful.  As previously mentioned, when combined with the amount of energy provided from the 48v battery, there is no resistance between parts that can slow this beast down.  The high speed operation generates 95nm of torque and response levels do not disappoint.  Explore the trails.  There is nothing to hold you back.




Along With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.

The Alfina has been upgraded to hydraulic disc brakes and full suspension to keep you safe.  Hydraulic brakes are the best in the business.  Stronger than caliper, cantilever, and V brakes, they can handle high heat without damaging the tire by heating up the rim as "rim brakes" do.  They also require less strength to operate.  They are virtually immune to debris, water, and mud so you are equipped with the safest stopping distance.

The full suspension includes a front fork with high-strength air pressure cushioning shock absorption.  It can be locked for smooth terrains, or adjustable for adventures into the unknown.  The rear 4-link suspension contains four rods that are connected by four shafts.  The shock absorber is coordinated by the movement of the rod and axis to minimize impact. The combination of the two suspension systems facilitates the ultimate riding experience.



Shimano is Best in Class.

The Alfina is also equipped with the Shimano variable 7 speed transmission system.  The ability to adjust to different terrains is easily done with confidence with the industry leading manufacturer and has been tested over time.



  • Power Supply: Lithium 48v 17ah Battery - Anti-theft and Waterproof
  • Wheel Size: 26“
  • Motor: 1000W Brushless Super Motor
  • Tire size: 26*4.0 fat tires
  • Rider Height: 165-200CM
  • Weight Capacity: 230KG
  • Brakes: Upgraded Double Hydraulic - Front and Rear
  • Torque: 95nm
  • Pure Electric Mileage:  45km
  • Pedal Assist Mileage: 70-90KM
  • Horn: Electronic Bell
  • Headlight: LED headlight
  • Gear position: 5 gear speed control
  • Shimano Original 7-Speed Transmission
  • Frame Material: Carbon Steel

  • *1 Year Warranty
  • *Free helmet, air pump, and mud guards with purchase

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