INBIKE - 16mm Heavy Duty Double U-Lock with 12mm Steel Cable Encased in Silicone

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Super Strength 16mm U-Lock Backed by 12mm Steel Cable.

This is about as heavy duty as you are going to get, and as much protection that you will need from even the strongest bolt cutters.  If you want maximum protection, this is the one we have chosen for you.  Included is a 1.2m 12mm steel cable that you can wrap around tyres, your helmet, bike rack, or whatever you choose to lock down.




Full Silicone Cover.

Benefits of a full silicone cover are more than you think.  It's not just nicer looking but serves many purposes.  Silicone is waterproof, acts as a natural protector to the elements, and prolongs the life of your lock.  If you are buying a new bike, it also protects it from accidental scratches and dings.  After all, you are dealing with heavy duty steel.  It is also a noise dampener, environmentally friendly, and feels better to the touch.


Double U-lock Engineering.

The best part of the INBIKE U-lock is the dual locking mechanism.  The dual feature means that an intruder has to cut both sides of the lock in order to gain access.  It would take twice as long to cut through than a normal lock.  This feature along with the 16mm thickness is true commercial strength, and not worth the time. 



  • Colour:  Black 
  • U-Lock Size:  145 x 70mm
  • U-Lock Thickness:  16mm
  • Included:  1 x lock with 2 keys, Steel cable, Bike Mount
  • Cable Length:  1.2 Meters Transparent
  • Cable Thickness:  12mm
  • U-lock Mechanism:  Dual Lock
  • Shell:  Silicone


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