EWIG - 28" Inch Carbon Fiber 36v 350w eBike with Mid-Drive Motor and Full Size LCD

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Carbon Fiber is Lighter in Weight Yet Stronger in Frame.

The EWIG is built with carbon fiber.  The catastrophic failure point is much higher than with traditional aluminium bikes because of the flex qualities of carbon material.  Aluminium is great because it is affordable and fairly stiff.  However, it is more prone to stress fracturing over time. Carbon has a dampening effect that absorbs impact, allows it to spring back into place, and doesn't fatigue over time.  By layering fibres of carbon in a specific pattern, the frame can be laterally stiff and vertically compliant which is ideal for a bicycle.  The weight of the EWIG is only 19kg!


What is a mid-drive motor with torque sensing technology?

Most bikes you see have the motor on the back frame, pushing the bike, or on the front frame, pulling it.  This adds unnecessary additional stress to it's components.  The EWIG motor is positioned directly between the pedals enacting a central center of gravity and load balancing more to a traditional bike.  Riders will get better response at the initial start and notice a big difference going up hills.  The motor works synergistically with the bike’s gears for higher efficiency and less stress to the motor, which translates into longer riding range per charge and increased longevity overall.  Combine this with the lightweight Carbon frame and you got the best combination there is for a pleasant ride.



Wheel Size: 28”

Motor:  Mid-drive

Wattage: 350w

Voltage: 36V

Style: Luxury Type

Rated Passenger Capacity: One Seat

Range per Power: 31 - 60 km

Max Speed: 30km/h

Frame Material: Carbon Fibre

Weight:  19.3kg


Upgraded Intelligent Display Unit

The LCD screen is 50% larger than standard units on other bikes.  It is centrally located for easy visibility and contains real time information on speed, battery life, distance, and more.  You can rest easy knowing it is waterproof and centrally located.



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