About Us

Have you ever been to Ireland?

That's where we are located. Easily one of the most wonderful places in the world to discover charming little towns, breath-taking cliff walks, and beautiful countryside as far as the eye can see.  That's our passion.  The problem is exploring most places isn't possible with old fashion bikes and their limited range.  With the innovation of new technology, traditional barriers of distance, fatigue, time, fear, and age have been broken, and given people the confidence and ability to Go Further. 



At Cycle Electric, we offer high quality green energy transport at prices real people can afford.  There has been a substantial increase in demand over the last few years, and many retailers are giving the impression that they cost more than they actually do.  We think that's just crazy and should be enjoyed by everyone.



Our team ensures the best quality parts are selected.  Whether it's the battery, braking system, LCD unit, suspension, tires, frame, gear set, etc... we hand select our requirements to make sure our customers get the best value for money.  If it doesn't meet our standard, we don't touch it, and neither should you.

Most of our products are equipped with industry leading brands such as Shimano, Samsung, and Panasonic.  Extra large battery capacity, extra large battery output, powerful motors up to 1000w, aerodynamically engineered frames, and high spec components come standard.  All with a 1-year warranty and all for a price that people in the real world can afford.



Take your life to a whole new level.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, people are seriously changing their lifestyle for the better.  Those who used to take public transportation and cars are now considering alternatives, and countries across the world are endorsing the movement.  According to Statista.com, since the pandemic, Europe has invested 1 Billion in cycle infrastructure with 2300km implemented so far.  In the United States, there has been an increase in the sale of electric bikes by 85% since early 2020.  

Corona has taught us a thing or two.  Society has been forced to reconnect with nature, exercise more, and understand the value of friendships.  We've learned to treat the planet with respect, invest in green energy, reduce our carbon footprint, and the numbers don't lie.  The New European Cycling Industry predicts there will be more than twice as many bike sales than number of passenger cars registered/year in the EU in 10 years.  Because of the current demand and the support already committed by governments in terms of new infrastructure and purchase premiums for e-bikes, the associations believe that the 10 million per year sales mark could be achieved as soon as 2024! 


So maybe it's time.  Time to join the crusade, and equally as important, rediscover yourself.  Re-join your friends that you always wanted to ride with, but were afraid of keeping up.  Ride to work and not smell like the day is over when it just began. Visit new towns and old friends without worrying if you are going to be too tired to make it home.  Discover those trails that used to be too far to appreciate.  We want to be part of that.  At Cycle Electric, we provide you with quality resources you can rely on, to enjoy more, and to Go Further.