Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose an eBike?

  • It's easier on your joints, better for the environment, will take you greater distances, don't sweat when you don't want to, safer for inclines and from the start position, you can keep up with other riders, going up hills are easy, get to where you need to go easier and faster, fraction of the cost of owning a car, and they are great fun!

Are people who ride electric bikes lazy?

  • Brigham Young University mentions "riders’ heart rates reached, on average, 89% of the mean achieved when riding a non-assisted bike."  Cycling coach Tom Bell mentions eBikes are “excellent form of aerobic or cardiovascular exercise, even for experienced mountain bikers who regularly engage in this fitness activity”.  Great thing is you have the option to choose.  Another thing to note is that eBike riders go further than traditional bikes and more likely to use their bikes for work commutes, promoting an active lifestyle altogether.

How long will it take to get my bike delivered to my house?

  • We have warehouses in Germany, Czech, Poland, and Spain.  Our products are delivered in under 2 weeks, and usually a week on average.  

What is your warranty policy?

  • We guarantee all products for 1 year.  Of course we won't cover things like negligence, etc.  Please see our refund and warranty policy page for clarification.

What should I look for in a battery?

  • Volts and Amp Hours.  Volts are the “force” pushing Amps through the system. The higher the voltage, the more energy can be moved.  A higher voltage system can send more energy through the circuits to the motor. 36V batteries are common, but high performance bikes usually have 48V batteries.  An Amp is a measure of electrical current, or rate of flow. Basically, it’s how much power is moving through the system. Greater the Amps, the better the flow.

Where can I ride my vehicle?

  • Rules on where to ride will vary depending on your country. We suggest checking with your local authorities for limitations.

Do you offer the Cycle to Work Scheme?

  • It depends on which country you are located in.  Please get in contact with us and we will let you know.

What about theft?

  • From what we have determined, there is no evidence that eBikes get stolen at a greater rate than normal bikes.  A bike thief needs the battery and bike key.  Otherwise the eBike is useless on the market, a big deterrent.  Also, eBike riders generally invest in better locks and are smart about security, as they are a big investment.

What range can I get from a single charge?

  • Every product has it's own specifications and should be determined on a case by case basis.  Distance and charge information is displayed on each product page.  You also need to include factors of the rider and environment.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

  • Again, this is done on a case by case basis, but on average, about 4 to 6 hours for most products.

How much electricity does it cost to charge a battery?

  • Depending on the capacity of the battery, it usually takes 500-800 watt hours (0.4 - 0.8 kilowatt hours) to charge the battery. Assuming a rate of $0.10/kWh, it will cost 5-8 cents for a charge that will take you a distance of 40km to 60km.

How easy is it to service an eBike?

  • eBikes have two components, electrical and mechanical.  Electrical components don't require any servicing.  The mechanical parts are the same parts you will find on non-electrical bikes and can be done at any bike shop.  

Should I let my battery completely drain to preserve the capacity?

  • You should never let your battery go completely empty.  If you let it discharge to that point, it may not charge anymore and can be quite an expensive mistake.  It's always good to top up your battery after each use.

How waterproof is my eBike? 

  • The motor and battery are engineered waterproof.  However, if you have it on the back of a car rack while driving high speeds, we recommend putting the battery inside the vehicle.  Otherwise this would not be considered normal conditions and a sign of negligence.  Same for crashing your bike into a lake. 

Aren't eBikes heavy?

  • While heavier than a standard bike, the pedal assist function with different levels more than makes up for the weight. Climbing hills is where the weight is felt the most, and the option to bike it manually or with power is entirely up to you.

How should I clean my bike?

  • You would clean your eBike like you would a normal bike.  A hose, sponge, and decent cleaner.  Just remember to reapply lubrication to the chain once you are finished.  Stay away from pressure washers and you are good to go!

Will the bike arrive assembled?

  • Most of our bikes will arrive 80% assembled but the parts you need to put together are very simple to attach.  If you have any problems, just contact us and we would be happy to help.

Which bike is best for me?

  • Really depends on what you want to do with the bike.  If you are not sure, reach out to us and we can help you decide which one best fits your lifestyle and budget.