Accomile - Men's 250w Bafang Mid-drive With Hydraulic Disc Brakes and Remote Alarm

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The Luxury Men's Bike if Comfort is What Your Looking For.

Mid-drive brushless motor, IP65 waterproof grade, torque sensor technology, integrated front and rear lights, hydraulic braking system, a remote alarm, ergonomic handle bars, bike rack, and riding distance of up to 150km on a single charge!  If you are looking to spoil yourself, this is the bike for you.


What is a mid-drive motor with torque sensing technology?

Most bikes you see have the motor on the back frame, pushing the bike, or on the front frame, pulling it.  This adds unnecessary additional stress to it's components.  Accomile's motor is positioned directly between the pedals enacting a central center of gravity and load balancing more to a traditional bike.  Riders will get better response at the initial start and notice a big difference going up hills.  The motor works synergistically with the bike’s gears for higher efficiency and less stress to the motor, which translates into longer riding range per charge and increased longevity. That is why this bike has a traveling distance of up to 150km where the average eBike can only travel up to 60km on a charge.  Basically, it is the smoothest ride you are going to get!


Sleek design, who knew there was even a battery there?

Are batteries an eye sore to you?

The Accomile's battery is neatly hidden away in the frame and is 100% waterproof.  It can easily be removed for charging or you can charge directly on the bike.  No worries about losing power.  It's equipped with over charge, over discharge, short circuit, temperature, and over current protection.  Yes, you can leave it to charge overnight without losing any sleep.


Added comfort so riding is a pleasure

Check out the ergonomic handle bars above which bend in to the body's natural riding position, providing less stress on your back, neck, and butt (yeah we said it).  Great for evening strolls along the coast and enjoying the sun.  With a bike rack that comes as standard, there is no need to worry if you have extra things you would like to bring.

It also has front and rear integrated high power lights so you don't have to worry about forgetting those attachable ones ever again.  Equipped with a 125db horn and remote to find your bike with an alarm feature to scare off those evil intruders if ever needed.  Pretty cool stuff.

Intelligent LCD Display Unit So You Can Track Your Progress

Of course the Accomile comes with an intelligent electronic display unit so you know how fast you are going, how much battery power you have left, how far you have gone for the day, and which level of pedal assistance you are using.  It has a 5 level speed limit function,you can choose the level you like to ride.  Completely waterproof and easy to see at both day and night.  



  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Power: 36V 250W
  • Wheel Size: 28”
  • Motor: Bafang M200 Mid Drive
  • Battery: 36V 15Ah
  • Max Weight: 150kg
  • Range per Recharge with Assistance: 130-150KM
  • Color: Black or White
  • Tire: 700C*40C
  • Brakes: JAK Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Riding Model: Pedal Assistance
  • Power Assistance Level: 5 levels
  • Display: Bafang DPC13
  • Suitable for: 1.57m-2.0m
  • Tire:700*40C
  • Flywheel: 8-SPEED 11-32T SILVER Cassette
  • Rear dial: SHIMANO 8-speed
  • Suitable height: 157CM-200CM


1.  The maximum weight of the rear rack is 20kg, it is not recommended to carry people.

2.  There is Unique Series No. on the frame to identify against theft.


Hydraulic Brakes are as good as they get.

If you want maximum safety, hydraulic brakes give the best response and are virtually immune to debris, water, and mud.  Stronger than caliper, cantilever, and V brakes, they can handle high heat without damaging the tire by heating up the rim as "rim brakes" do and require less strength to operate.  See? We told you this bike has everything!

 Which colour works for you?

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