Lightweight Electric Scooter With Traveling Distance of 50Km On a Single Charge

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Avoid Paying High Insurance, Tax, and Fuel Charges

Paying for insurance, tax, car payments, and fuel for a car can cost up to €1600 per month or more.  Not to mention parking fees, traffic, maintenance and all the other nuances that come with ownership.  Have you considered an alternative that is a fraction of the cost, near maintenance free, comes with all the convenience, and environmentally friendly? Yes, it's completely electric so forget about going to the fuel pumps ever again.

Ride in style with max comfort

This moped provides superior comfort with it's wide soft elasticity cushion seat and 10 inch pot wheels.  Equipped with double shock absorption and smooth hydraulic pressure suspension, riding is truly an enjoyable experience.

Go when you want to go, at your speed.

No need to wait for long bus times or flagging down a taxi anymore.  Leave the house when you feel like it, go home when you want.  

Ride in Style...

The Benod electric moped looks great on the eyes and is available in many colours, but there's even more to it than you think.  Take a look at this stylish multicolor LCD screen to assist in your navigation.  Easily visible during the day and beautifully illuminated at night.


What's also cool? 

Choose if you want a backseat or a storage compartment to store extra items on your journey!



  • Product Dimension (L*W*H ): 1605*660*1050MM
  • Wheel Base (m): 1170mm
  • Brakes: Front and Rear Drum
  • Max load (kg): 75kg
  • Range Per Charge (km): 50km
  • Battery Type: Lithium Battery
  • Storage Battery Capacity: 48V 20AH 
  • Full Charging Time(Hour): 4-6

Brakes, Battery, Lights, Motor... Check!

Key Features:

  • Vacuum tires
  • Digital LCD screen in color
  • High elasticity soft cushion seat
  • High-brightness LED headlights
  • Double shock absorption, smooth hydraulic pressure suspension
  • Large 9 tube capacity environmentally friendly lead free lithium battery
  • Anti-theft: Dual remote alarm
  • Up to 50km on single charge (depending on weight, road conditions, etc.)


Which model suits you?

Click on the pictures below and take a closer look!