GTwo - Ladies 26" eBike w/ 500w LG In-Frame Battery, Hydraulic Brakes, and Extra Free Battery

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A Great Hybrid For Work and Play

This GTwo is the perfect combination for ladies who are looking for a casual bike for everyday living but are still love sport and off-road adventures.  Equipped with a powerful 500w motor and 48v 9.6ah battery, it provides plenty for everyday living and going on far off adventures with ease.  It also comes with an extra battery so you can explore as far as the mind can see.



Packed with 48 volts of power and 9.6 amps to push through, there is plenty of energy to power the 500 watt motor to travel over 60km on a single charge.  You can relax knowing that your commutes and adventures will last the full day with ease.  Tastefully engineered inside the frame, there's no concern of damaging the battery by accidents, and gives more room for comfortability.  Fully lockable inside the frame, you can leave it unattended for the day without worrying.  LG is top in class, so you can rest easily knowing your batteries will last a long time.





The battery has full protection.  Concerned about leaving the eBike on the charger overnight and ruining the battery?  Not this one.  It's engineered with multiple safety switches to maximize the life, so you don't have to worry.  Overcharge protection, Over-discharge protection, Overcurrent protection, Temperature protection, Short Circuit protection, Pre-discharge protection, Disconnect protection, and a balance function, it has it all.



Aviation Grade Aluminium Alloy Frame.

The frame is made with aviation aluminium alloy material which is lighter in weight, but gives stronger impact resistance.  Combined with fish scale pattern mechanical welding, the GTwo is durable and can handle any terrain.  If you are into sport, the GTwo can go deep into the mountains with ease. 



Detachable Cables for easy Maintenance.

The GTwo is engineered with detachable cables to make servicing much easier than rewiring on a traditional eBike.  Waterproof and convenient, it's just another little added luxury that goes a long way.


Intelligent Real Time Display.

The waterproof LCD provides real time information of how far you have gone for the day, how fast you are going, what level of pedal assistance you are using, your battery power, and toggle buttons.  It is backlit so visibility at night is just as easy as riding during the day, and there's also a cruise control function. 


21 Speed Gear Set, Upgraded Hydraulic Disc Brakes, and Front Fork Suspension.

Riding without the electronic function is the same as riding a normal bike.  Equipped with a Shimano 21-speed gear set, you can adjust your level of fitness and stay safe with industry leading hydraulic disc brakes.  The front fork suspension has a lockable feature for flat terrain, or can be adjusted for those adventurous days.  If you get tired, just enable the pedal assist, or ride in full electric mode after a long day or just for fun. 



Other Really Cool Features:

The GTwo also comes with a lot of other cool features you wouldn't expect.   An adjustable handlebar which can alleviate pain to the lower back is a great feature.  Free mud guards, kick stand, and luggage rack come standard.  Place your bag or groceries on the rack instead of in your hand and enjoy your overall experience.  Also, no need to attach portable front and rear lights anymore.  The stress of worrying about replacing batteries and theft.  The GTwo comes already equipped.  It also comes with an upgraded fiber skin seat which is spring loaded, giving the rider ultimate comfort.





  • Wheel Size: 26“ Kenda
  • Battery: LG 500w 48V 9.6ah
  • Motor: Brushless
  • Max Speed: 30km/h
  • Distance:  >60km on single charge
  • Gear Set:  Shimano 7 Speed
  • Max Weight:  150Kg
  • Chain Wheel:  ProWheel Crankset
  • Frame:  6061 Grade Aluminium Alloy
  • Brakes:  Hydraulic Double Disc
  • Suspension:  Adjustable Dual Front Fork
  • Power Accelerator Type:  Throttle
  • Saddle Type:  Fiber Skin Spring Back
  • Charge Time:  4 - 6 Hours
  • Warranty:  1 Year
  • Free Mud Guards, Kick Stand, Luggage Rack, and Extra Battery




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