Vtuvia - 2021 New Design Fat Bike with 750w 48v 13ah Samsung Battery and Full Color Display

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VAT included.

2021's Beast of the Land Fat Bike.


The design of this bike stands out immediately as the frame lines are opposite of the typical trend we are accustomed to see.  Revealing a dominant 26" swordfish diamond contour, this is the bike of the land.  If you are tired of the feminine look of bikes, looking for one that parades strength, and has the power to back it up, look no further.


750w Raw Power Backed with 48V 13ah. Samsung Battery.

Not only does the Vtuvia look great with it's unorthodox reverse engineering design, it's backed up by power within.  The 750w capacity motor is strong enough to plow through snow, sand, rain, mountain terrains, and more.  Combined with the 48V 13AH Samsung battery, you are ready for whatever challenge you set yourself for the day.


Full Color Center-line Display is 50% Larger.

The real time intelligent full color display is tactfully centered on the bike so information can be accessed easily and allows you to keep your eyes in front of you.  With the upgraded backlit color display, tracking speed, distance, battery power, and more is not only stress-free, but is great fun.  The advanced LCD is an upgrade above most other bikes in this range and definitely one reason why this bike is one of our favourites.  Check it out!



Take a closer look and you will find the controller is missing altogether.  That's because it is hidden inside the seat tube and out of harm's way.  The front light has also been incorporated inside the actual frame, minimizing any parts exposed to the elements.



Hydraulic Front Fork Suspension

The high-strength front fork hydraulic suspension with locking function gives the rider the option to adjust when on rough terrain, as well as lock in place for even surfaces.  Regulate tire pressure in combination with the suspension provides the ultimate experience.

7 Speed Shimano gear set combined with the 750w motor and 13ah Samsung battery provides the rider with distances of up to 50km in the assistant mode, and up to 30km in pure electric mode.  The Shimano disc brakes safeguard the rider's reaction time to the braking distance for maximum protection.


  • Frame:  26'' Swordfish aluminium alloy frame
  • Tires:  26*4.0 Kenda Anti-skidding
  • Brakes:  Shimano Disc Brakes
  • Derailleur:  7 Speed Shimano
  • Motor:  750w brushless rear hub motor
  • Battery:  48v 13.4AH Samsung
  • Max Speed:  35km/h - 45km/h
  • Distance:  30km Pure Electric / 50km Pedal Assist
  • Charging Time:  4-5 Hours
  • Torque:  >100nm
  • Available in Black or Grey

*Bike rims are solid black for both options. Red and yellow not available at this time.




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